The world has found itself in a situation where some of the values we have been living on until recently have changed or completely lost their meaning.

We are facing new challenges that place man and his life “online” in the virtual world.

Although we are all striving for a better and more connected world, there are still a lot of pitfalls of the virtual world, and web giants – social media that are leaving negative consequences on the masses. How to deal with the traps of the online world, how to protect the privacy and the vulnerability of the human resource?

The lecture Raising Our Children is about how to protect our children from the pitfalls of online life when violence, online bullying, and other bad things can be easily accessible online.

Education begins in the family and continues in educational institutions with the addition of surroundings. Therefore, this lecture is most intended for parents, pre-educational units, schools, or all educational institutions to be able to include in their programs and education a very important aspect of personal development, their priorities, and recognition of the unacceptability of the online or virtual world.